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Unlike other cryptocurrencies, investing in metaverse stocks doesn’t require you to create a digital wallet. As interest in the metaverse grows, so too does the potential for these companies to experience growth and profit. However, investing in metaverse stocks can also be risky, as the metaverse is still a relatively new and evolving concept with uncertain market potential. It’s important for investors to do their research and consider the potential risks and rewards before investing in any metaverse stock. It’s a shoo-in for the top three best metaverse stocks worthy of consideration. It is true that the metaverse may seem something new for this time, even in its initial stages.

She primarily covers cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with a focus on market performance, innovations and trends. As an example of e-commerce, you can create a 3D model of a person’s body, which will allow them to easily try on clothing and accessories virtually, as well as decide whether to buy them. Unity is one of the leaders in making this kind of technology a reality even though it’s still in its infancy.

What companies are in a Metaverse ETF?

Roblox is a platform where users can play and develop games as well as buy virtual goods with the in-game currency Robux. With these key features, Roblox is considered one of the best metaverse prototypes available today. To that end Microsoft has released Mesh, a platform that brings together all their metaverse-related products like HoloLens, Teams and AltSpaceVR. Microsoft has also been transforming itself into a gaming juggernaut, recently announcing its intention to acquire  Activision Blizzard Inc. for $69 billion. For context, Activision has nearly 400 million monthly active users across major IPs like Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, World of Warcraft, and Candy Crush Saga.

To some, it appears overvalued; however, I wouldn’t bet against this stock or this company. Metaverse stocks were mixed in 2021, with some of the stocks mentioned in this article outperforming the S&P 500 and some not. NVIDIA (NVDA) was the big winner, rising over 125% in calendar 2021.

best metaverse stocks

Meta was mired in controversy during 2021 when a whistle-blower testified before congress. Despite the noise, Meta’s revenues and operating income have been solid in 2021 and are running well ahead of 2020 numbers. Revenue growth has significantly accelerated in recent periods, catching the attention of investors.

The 7 Best Metaverse Stocks to Buy in March 2023

As these creators succeed, it’s likely they will become paying Unity customers. The metaverse is defined as a digital, three-dimensional world that’s immersive and accessible in real time by an unlimited number of people, allowing for social interactions, commerce, and more. However, various tech companies are trying to bring the entirety of the vision to life. If this vision winds up being reality in the coming years, this will bode well for Unity – and for investors seeking out the best metaverse stocks. In fact, there are some members who make a living operating their virtual worlds. It is difficult to argue that the VR world will not be the next growing trend and that significant investments from influential tech stocks will enhance its reality going forward.

However, the idea has only recently gained popularity, and uncertainty is still huge about what the metaverse can achieve. NVIDIA, a designer of graphics processing units (GPUs), has stepped in as an integral part of the metaverse. Its computing products involve rendering and visualizing virtual applications in video games and other forms. NVIDIA has made steps to transition to the metaverse with its new product NVIDIA Omniverse, allowing companies to simulate production virtually.

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At the heart of the metaverse strategy is the Nvidia Omniverse system that allows for the creation and management of immersive experiences. For example, it can simulate physical behavior, whether for human activity or materials. There are also features for real-time path tracing and AI-powered search.

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The corporation is continually expanding, so $1 trillion appears easily attainable by 2030. Microsoft stock is currently trading 10% off its 52-week high with a forward P/E of 33. Like Apple, the company prolifically buys back stock which supports shareholders in the market and lowers the share count, as shown below.

best metaverse stocks

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What You Need to Know About the Metaverse

Its revenue is increasing steadily; however, this has not translated to operating profits. The question between centralization and decentralization highlights once again how early we are in the metaverse trend. For this reason, it’s important for investors to stay engaged and curious when looking for ways to invest. Yes, unlike stocks, ETFs are subject to ongoing fees, and these two ETFs are no exception. Therefore, investors need to be sure they know how to invest in ETFs before buying shares. Content delivery network (CDN) Cloudflare (NET 1.74%) is designed with speed in mind.

Due to the volatility of the metaverse, many of its investments are expected to fall into the high-risk or moderate-risk categories. These types of investments are typically advised to avoid due to their lack of established fundamental aspects. Over time, the market has become increasingly more sophisticated, giving the market the capability to be increasingly closer to the real, tangible world. If you’re planning on investing in the metaverse, we’ve got several investment options that will allow you to take advantage of this sector’s potential. Following mixed earnings in May, Roth MKM analysts upgraded the Roblox stock to a buy rating, with a price target of $48.

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For all the hype surrounding the creation of a digital, artificial intelligence-driven world, the metaverse doesn’t really exist. At least not the vaunted dual existence where we can live without the constraints of reality. So finding the top metaverse stocks to buy is not as easy as it might seem. Metaverse ETF stocks can provide investors with exposure to the metaverse industry without having to purchase individual stocks themselves. By investing in a metaverse ETF, investors can gain access to a diversified portfolio of metaverse-related stocks, which can help reduce their overall investment risk.

Being a content delivery network, Theta is conceptually similar to Cloudflare. However, it could theoretically deliver metaverse content faster because it’s physically stored closer to the consumer. The project started as a way to livestream VR video games and has quickly captured the attention of Alphabet (GOOG 1.08%)(GOOGL 1.02%) and Samsung.

As one of the top platforms expanding the metaverse, the company’s acquisition of Oculus virtual reality (VR) hardware in 2014 emphasized its focus on developing its VR experiences. The company also has an extensive array of non-gaming experiences to explore this new reality. Instead of being a virtual reality experience that completely immerses users, the company is currently developing augmented reality.

What about metaverse cryptocurrencies?

The company develops and sells the processing chips required for much of the metaverse to run. In fact, many argue that AI wouldn’t exist without the company’s technology. Although the P/E ratio is high, the fact that the company dominates the AI sector and plans to continue to do so as generative AI rolls out justifies its high valuation. Given that the metaverse incorporates most powerful candlestick patterns all of these use cases, Nvidia chips are primed to play a large role in its development. But in case you’re unsure, the metaverse is defined as an immersive 3D virtual space for business, social networking, gaming and trading. is an independent comparison platform and information service that aims to provide you with the tools you need to make better decisions.

We wish to outline some of the best Metaverse stocks with incredible growth potential in 2023. Kliment Dukovski is a personal finance writer at Finder, specializing in investments and cryptocurrency. He’s written more than 700 articles to help readers compare the best trading platforms, understand complex investment terms and find the best credit cards for their needs. His expert commentary has been featured in such digital publications as Fox Business, MSN Money and MediaFeed. He’s also well-versed in money transfers, home loans and more — breaking down these topics into simple concepts anyone can understand. In another life, Kliment ghostwrote guides and articles on foreign exchange, stock market trading and cryptocurrencies.

However, you should still do your due diligence before investing in any stock. If you want a piece of the action, check out our best metaverse stocks list. Metaverse stocks could be one of the most promising investments on the stock market today. Even in its infancy stage, the metaverse is showing a lot of potential as an investment. Shopify is an integrative e-commerce platform that supports businesses in selling products and services online.

To this end, Roblox has introduced features for voice, eye and arm tracking, and facial animation. This type of order means a high chance that the order will be filled, but it may not be at your chosen price. Another drawback might be the issues related to the regulatory frameworks. Once again, blockchain technology and related markets, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies, are still in a gray area for what concerns regulation.

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